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It's really simple. Having a magician perform at your home in Abington is an unforgettable experience. You'll be astounded by miracles that happen literally right in front of you and your guests. An unique experience that has to be seen to be believed.

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Abington Magic is Super Fun

Expect the Best

Rick has trained in the magic arts with some of the top magicians near Abington and nationally,  and is a magic teacher himself, instructing Abington area youths in magic since 2005. Unlike many magicians in Abington, Rick is not satisfied with classic tricks and the standard patter  -- he's always seeking new illusions and effects that haven't been seen anywhere else. Hire Rick to demonstrate these miracles at your event in Abington PA and you'll be the talk of the town!

Your VIP is the Star of the Show

Whether it's a birthday child,  grandmom, a special volunteer, or anyone else you'd like to honor, Rick will ensure that an effect is incorporated into the magic show which makes them the star of the show. They will have the opportunity to be on stage and make the magic happen. This is a wonderful photo opportunity and will be remembered forever!

Abington Birthday Party Magic Show:

Planning a birthday party in Abington PA? Want an idea that's simple and fun? How about booking a birthday party magic show?

You'll be the talk of the town because your child will be the star of a unique show. Everyone else will have a fabulous time and will remember the party for years.

It's hilarious! Hysterical! Amazing!

Abington PA Magician