Horsham PA Magician

Horsham, PA Magician

Great News! All your Horsham party entertainment needs will be taken care of -- All you need is a small bit of empty space! Based just down the road in Montgomeryville, DZ Magic is Horsham's top choice for party entertainment.

One quick phone call to DZ Magic is all it takes -- all you have to provide is the place and the food!

Kids LOVE our magic show! You’ll be certified as the coolest parent in your neighborhood. Here's why:

The Kids are the Stars of the magic show! – The DZ Magic show features TONS of audience participation! The children and especially the birthday child are brought front and center into the spotlight!

Ultra High-Energy!

Incredibly Visual ! – Rick the magician has worked for years to assemble an array of colorful, VISUAL magic! The presentation is direct and clear -- easy for young kids to understand, and still engaging to any teens and adults in the audience!

Lots of Laughs – Kids won't stop laughing for a second during the magic show. It’s chock full of family friendly, 100% clean comedy that's a hit with all ages!

For a birthday party magic show, visit Birthday Party Magic,our page all about birthday parties, with planning tips & multiple packages to fit any budget. For other types of magic, check out the home page to see all the other varieties of magic shows that are available for events in Horsham.

Please contact us at [email protected] with your needs and to obtain additional, free information:

Rick Dziekan

DZ Magic


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Horsham PA Magician

Rick DZ - Horsham PA Expert Magician
Rick DZ - Horsham PA Expert Magician