Snoopy Themed Birthday Parties

I came across this site which has a great walkthrough of how to put together a Snoopy and Peanuts themed children’s birthday party. It is interesting in it’s own right as a themed birthday plan, but also as a case study in how to take a theme and apply it to every part of your birthday celebration plan.

I’ve always loved Snoopy and the peanuts gang and this is a particularly neat theme to include a magic show. After all, in the comics and TV specials, Snoopy himself was a skilled and famous magician,_Charlie_Brown

I love this classic ad in TV guide for the TV special featuring Smoopy as the Master Magician

TV guide ad showing Snoopy as the Master Magician

This special is notable as it includes the first time Charlie Brown succeeds in kicking the football Lucy is holding. The whole plot revolves around Snoopy checking a magic book out of the library and being inspired to perform his magic and illusions for the local community and children.

Google Photos creates magical Animated GIFs Automatically

After a great magical birthday party in Lansdale PA (at the Boys and Girls Club, which is a fantastic location for kid’s birthday party magic), Android messaged me that it had created an animated GIF from party photos. It turned out pretty well considering that Google just chooses to do this on it’s own. How do you think the GIF turned out?

Lansdale PA Magic Party Animated GIF
Kids had great fun at this Lansdale PA Magic Show Party

Smart Parents use these Tips for Birthday Party Invitations

On average, birthday parties range anywhere from 10 to 20 kids. You want to have a good turnout for your child’s party, but you probably don’t want a huge number of rambunctious kids tearing up your home or rented facility either.

A good gauge is to expect 65-75% of the kids invited to attend the party. In other words, if you invite 20 children, on average, around 15 will show up. Make sure everyone RSVP’s. The sooner you get the invitations out the more likely you are to have a good showing

You can purchase all sorts of invitations locally, online or you can make your own customized invitations. is a great online service that will allow you to design your own invitations. It’s quick, easy and very efficient.

To encourage promptness, use the suggestions in the guide “How to Get Your Guests to Arrive on Time!” found at the end of this e-book.

Do not send out your invitations until you have confirmed a date with DZ Magic. Sometimes he will be working another party within a short distance of your home and could take care of you if you could change your hour. This is easier to do if the invitations have not yet been sent.

Ask for a definite response to the invitation (RSVP) and check the list with your birthday child. A written invitation is better than a phone call, because the guests have the day, the time, the place, etc. before them to avoid errors.

Make the invitation very specific as to what time the party begins and ENDS.

The invitation can specify, “The party will be over, and your child will be ready to be picked up at 4:00pm” Then, if the parent does not come for them by 4:15pm, you can safely call to find out why. Most people will get the idea and be there.