Snoopy Themed Birthday Parties

I came across this site which has a great walkthrough of how to put together a Snoopy and Peanuts themed children’s birthday party. It is interesting in it’s own right as a themed birthday plan, but also as a case study in how to take a theme and apply it to every part of your birthday celebration plan.

I’ve always loved Snoopy and the peanuts gang and this is a particularly neat theme to include a magic show. After all, in the comics and TV specials, Snoopy himself was a skilled and famous magician,_Charlie_Brown

I love this classic ad in TV guide for the TV special featuring Smoopy as the Master Magician

TV guide ad showing Snoopy as the Master Magician

This special is notable as it includes the first time Charlie Brown succeeds in kicking the football Lucy is holding. The whole plot revolves around Snoopy checking a magic book out of the library and being inspired to perform his magic and illusions for the local community and children.